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Important Physical Characteristics: Eiji is Japanese, and has died his hair to have a dark red tint. He has large, dark blue eyes and a sunny disposition. And there is perpetually a white bandage of some sort on the right side of his face (on the left when you're facing him). No one knows why. He is rather tall for a 9th-grader at 5'7", and has a lithe but athletic build. Normally, he is wearing his tennis uniform: white shorts and a mostly-white polo with bright blue on the sides, and red stripes on the collar. It also says "Seigaku Tennis Club" (in English) where the pocket should be.

Additional Note:
Because of Japanese name order, Kikumaru's family name comes first. Eiji is his given name, and is for whatever reason the name that he tends to go by (probably because he's the youngest in a relatively large family).

Kikumaru Eiji is a completely normal 14-year-old boy. He like sports, junk food, video games, and hanging out with his friends. He is a regular (meaning, on varsity) in the Seishun Academy Tennis Club, and he hates to lose.

Okay, well, maybe he's not completely normal.

He is about the bounciest, most happy-go-lucky teenage boy you'll ever meet. He will flying-tackle glomp you without warning, and give you a girly-sounding nickname. He has a teddy bear in his room. He pouts like a little girl sometimes, and he likes to make kitty noises.* (No, really.) And, like any character from the series Prince of Tennis, he has a couple of DBZ-style tennis moves up his sleeve. He is Seigaku's** resident acrobat. Which means he likes making trick shots, diving for balls, and doing backflips for seemingly no reason. He calls his signature move "Kikumaru Beam," which he must shout everytime he does it. (No, I'm not kidding.)

One of the most important things to know about Eiji is that Eiji plays doubles. He is one half of Seigaku's "Golden Pair," the other member of which is Ōishi Shuichirō. They're more than ordinary best friends; their partnership is everything to them. Eiji is the flashier one of the two-- he always has to be the center of attention-- but he has the tendency to fall apart if Ōishi isn't there to back him up. He has a pet name for Ōishi: "Oishii," which means "tasty." (Make of that what you will.)

Canon-wise, Eiji is currently post-episode 36.

* "Nya" is a kitty noise in Japanese. And you'll be hearing a lot of it from Eiji.
** "Seigaku" is short for "Seishun Gakuen" (Seishun Academy)

Disclaimer: The character Kikumaru Eiji is from The Prince of Tennis (Tenisu no Oujisama) and is the property of Takeshi Konomi. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

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